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We’re Adopting! - Brandon Brubaker

We’re Adopting!

Hi friends, we’d like to share some news with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or encouragements that you may have. We’d love to talk more with you.


Chapter 1:

When we got married we weren’t thinking about adoption. In fact we were against it; well, not AGAINST it but we didn’t think it was for us. We just “knew”, when we were ready, we’d have children of our own. For the first few years of our marriage we enjoyed the newly-wed lifestyle. It was enjoyable and exciting. After five years we decided to “start” our family. You understand right? We “knew” when we want to “start” having children, …right? Wrong! God is the one in charge. God is the one in control! We don’t get to decide or “know” when we want to start a family. We can’t even control IF we have a family.

For us, we felt called to be parents. So we thought we’d surely be able to have children. Now it’s been 5 years of waiting and not getting pregnant, we were discussing our future. It’s now the year of our 10th anniversary (2015) we were looking forward to a special anniversary trip that summer. Heidi and I were talking and she brought up adoption.

“What if we adopted?”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied, “Let’s do it”.

“I’m being serious, what if we adopted? We haven’t been able to have our own children but feel called to be parents. We should look into adoption.”


Chapter 2:

We’re privileged to have been part of Athletes For Adoption (AFA); an athletic organization under God’s Grace Adoption Ministry (GGAM), for a few years now. We’ve both participated in several running events from short 5k events, some medium 10k runs, and even a handful of 1/2 marathons! GGAM is an amazing organization that offers financial aide to adoptive families to help with the expansive costs of adoptions. The group of athletes known as AFA help raise money to support GGAM **. The athletes decide on a race or an obstacle course event and begin training. During their time of training they reach out to their neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances for sponsorship and support. As the athletes receive this financial support it is given to God’s Grace and they in turn can support additional adoptions. To date, Feb 2016, God’s Grace Adoption Ministry have donated over $1 MILLION to adoptive families! Wow, God is good.

If you’re ever in the area or feel like joining in an event please contact any one of the team and they’d love to help you get involved. In addition to finances there is a great prayer need for the whole group. The prayer is for protection from and defeat of the evil one as he hates seeing the fatherless and the homeless being loved and provided for. Pray for God’s protection on all involved from the giving side all the way to the receiving.

**GGAM receives funds directly to the organization also; not just through AFA events. You yourself can make a donation to GGAM by visiting their website www.ggam.org/support.


Chapter 3

For our 10th anniversary Heidi and I were blessed to be able to spend a week and a half in Mo-orea. It’s a little island about 8 miles off shore from Tahiti in the French Polynesian Islands. It was AMAZING. Everything was so bright, colorful, and beautiful…. and did I mention AMAZING?!! We flew from LA into Tahiti and were then shuttled via ferry to the island of Mo-orea. Mo-orea means “Yellow Lizard” (Mo = yellow) (Orea = lizard/gecko). While there we got to do some island exploring on jeeps. We enjoyed several of the local restaurants, and even got a little rain storm. One of the unique foods that we tried was their pizza. Why would pizza be unique you ask? They cook the pizza and then right before serving it to you they break a raw egg onto it. That part was weird if you ask me!  For myself, and I think Heidi would agree also, the most exciting part was the snorkeling. Especially snorkeling with the sharks!! You can see video on YouTube, just search “Brandon Brubaker”. We snorkeled with parrot fish, trigger fish, octopus, sea turtles, lots & lots of fish, AND SHARKS!! It was a relaxing trip and we did not want to leave when our time was up. We did enjoy our time together because in the back of our minds we thought this might be our last big trip without children. Without children?! Wait, what? Children, you say? Yes, that’s right. Read on my dear friends read on.


Chapter 4

Children…children…children…  Can I first repeat that God is amazing? Yes, this story of our adoption progress is mind-blowing. It’s the kind of story that sends shivers down your spine and the kind of story that puts goose bumps on the back of your neck!

(to be continued, please check back soon for the next chapter!)