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Flyin… [part two]

· June 28, 2010

This is a continuation from “Flyin… [part one]”. Please see part one for beginning.

Well I was onboard and we were pushing back from the gate at 5:10. I did have a good flight into Roanoke. Wow, the humidity is atrocious! 95 degrees temp with 54% humidity.

Once on the ground I contacted my ride and they showed up shortly after.

Flyin… [part one]

· June 25, 2010

I made it onboard with about 19 minutes to spare! At 5:00 o’clock the line waiting through security was close to 200+ people. My flight is scheduled to LEAVE at 6! As I approach my gate they call my group number and I walk right onto the plane.

I’ll update more as my day progresses…

Flight was really smooth and we touched down in Chicago 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. I sat next to a younger girl who, after talking to her, is having quite the trip. She flew in to San Francisco from Haleakalā, Hawaii (or something like that, I could hardly understand her). She said, in a very heavy German accent, that she was “there for a conference”. She was flying from San Francisco to Chicago and from there heading to Frankfurt. Finally leaving Frankfurt and ending back in Austria.

Now me being the friendly person that I am; I didn’t even ask what her name was or if she even LIVED in Austria! Although by the way she talked, I wouldn’t for once doubt the response of what that question would produce.

Ok, back in Chicago, I get into the terminal (around 11:58am) to find that my flight has been delayed; how convenient. Instead of leaving at the scheduled departure of 2:18pm it now says 3:16pm.

When I checked in online last night the website said that I was, “…unavailable to print my boarding passes at this time.” The kiosk at SFO somehow conveniently could only print my SFO to ORD boarding pass! With this in mind I needed to talk with a ticket agent here in Chicago to get my boarding pass for leg number two. He informed me that yes I was delayed but could print my ticket. Well, not completely a dead end trip.

Fast forward from 12:30pm to about 3:00pm in the afternoon. Something to do with the currently scheduled gate being used we are now rerouted back to Concourse C.

[begin microphone voice]”United flight #5728 departing to Roanoke is scheduled to leave at 4:17pm….,”[end microphone voice] WHAT…, 4:17?!! Now the word is that this plane was just leaving Memphis and has been behind all day.

This is the latest news I have now, and I’m holding my breath that I don’t get delayed longer. My layover is now going on 4hrs….

Oh, wait for it……..


Here it is, 4:45 now.

Just kidding I was wrong. It’s actually 5:00

Delay reasons: Operations


Streetbike Fest – Modesto

· May 27, 2010

Streetbike Fest 2010 is coming to Modesto!

The bikes will be in town on Sat 6/5/10 from 11AM to 5PM. Yeah, you read it right, that’s next Sat!!

You won’t want to miss it. There will be burnouts, wheelies, stoppies, music, motorcycle fumes, people, etc!!!!

Here’s my video from ’08.


· March 5, 2010

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Holly, my sis-in-law, and I went rock climbing. Dad & Mom were out with dinner plans and Heidi had Bible study so Holly and I went to Stonhenge.

Here is a LINK to some photos

Monday-Friday 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

• Walls up to 40 feet high
• Lead wall
• Bouldering area
• Climbing shoe rentals
• Climbing classes
• Birthday parties
• Daily use and monthly passes available

$20.00 First time climber fee (includes harness, belay tool & class)
$18.00 First time climber fee student (must have valid ID)
$12.00 Climbing fee (includes harness, belay tool)
$10.00 Climbing fee student (must have valid ID)
$8.00 Under 11yrs old
$5.00 Boldering (all ages)

All climbers must sign the waiver to participate. If under 18, you must have either your parent or your legal guardian sign the waiver for you.

Here is their address:
Stonehenge Climbing Gym
500 9th Street L2
Modesto, CA 95354
Phone: (209) 521-3644

Portable climbing wall rental available.
$300.00 for 2 hours (2 hour minimum)
$100.00 per hour thereafter
$.50 per mile outside of Modesto (to and from event)

Great for all AGES